3 Day Crash Course

Want To Turbocharge Your Social Media Presence?

Introducing the 3-Day Content Machine Crash Course


Day 1

We will dive deep into using Chat GPT to gather data on target customers.  In doing so, we'll identify ripe markets along with narrow down on how to effectively communicate with them to solve their problems.

Day 2

After we've collected the data and figured out who we want to target, it's time to introduce the first part of the H.E.A.T. Method which is Humor Based Marketing.  In this session we will go over Meme and GIF creation so that we can convey a business message in an entertaining way.

Day 3

Although Humor Based Marketing is extremely effective, eventually we have to remind our prospects that we can actually help them.  In this section we will go over how to create branded Infographics and Testimonial Graphics that allow us to "sell without appearing salesy."

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